Friday, December 2, 2011

Printers and Allie. In that order.

First. You know what I hate? Printer problems at work. Somehow, we managed to break our printer this week. Like REALLY break it. We placed a service call in and waited for the printer guy to show up. To be helpful to my fellow coworkers, I put up a sign
The printer's name is redacted, because it didn't give me permission to be posting pics of it all up on the internet.
Anyway, someone finally came and fixed it and wrote “it’s all better now” underneath. Then my other coworker put teeny bandaids on it (seriously, how small are they?!?) because we’re a real barrel of comedians (see: Boyfriend). Crisis averted! 

In other news because this post is in no way organized: anyone wondering what Allie is up to (especially after last week’s drama)? Well, she’s wondering too. She keeps claiming she doesn’t remember. Luckily, I’ve taken some pictures to document her antics. 
 Her usual start to the night.

 Then LoveMonkey started hanging all over her. (He's a bit of a coughcoughplayercoughdon'ttellallie.)

Well…at least she’s responsible. 

Annnd she woke up alone. Awwwwkwaaaaarrrdd. 

LoveMonkey and Allie hang out on the same bookshelf with a few other characters (Doggy and BabyDucky), so I’m worried about the dramazz that may arise from this night. But what can you do, right? Gators will be gators. 

Have a great weekend, everyone! Maybe I’ll see you on twitter. You know, if I'm not too busy violating Boyfriend.


  1. Sutter Home comes in bottles now!?! I will impress my friends by casting off the box in favor of bottle! Oh how classy I shall become. Perhaps I will even use a glass...or maybe my re-used 7-11 Slurpee cup. But one day I'll have something made of glass from which to drink.

  2. A) Pickeope, Gia hasn't used a real glass in her life, so you two are made for each other. (Perhaps you grew up in the same brand of trailer.)
    B) Isn't it my week off to be violated? I'm starting to have 'Nam flashbacks again.

  3. Boyfriend!
    A. Yes I HAVE used a real glass. You bought me some for my birthday, remember?!??
    B. Sorry, no. There's no rest for the violatees.

  4. I HATE printer problems. Maybe mine wasn't loved enough as a baby printer, either! I'll go buy it some bandaids...or whack it with a hammer. Too bad I don't like wine, could use some on those "broken printer days".

    Have a super weekend!

  5. Yup, broken down printers are not fun, but the sign you put up and the responses were.

  6. Haha, love the pictures. I am also always having problems with my printer...when one thing is fixed, something else goes wrong. Luckily my school has this nifty thing where I can print from my laptop wherever I am in the world, and pick it up later in like 2 minutes, otherwise I would be failing all my classes.

  7. I am a fan of the office banter. It's always required, because of the amount of BS offices seem to generate - in this case, a broken printer.

  8. hahaha. Anything broken with computer and related stuff kinda makes me sad. I am still assembling the desktop.

    And thanks to Trojan condom. Wonder how the hybrid of moneky and crocodile would have looked like.

  9. I'm doing that with anything broken in the future. Cute and humorous notes with band-aids.

  10. Lol, at least nice to see the printer was fixed :P

    And nice pictures too btw.

  11. The printer note had me laughing my ass off! :)