Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I Don’t Wanna Toot My Own Horn But HONK HONK

So, Boyfriend and I exchanged Christmas presents last week. I’m super proud of what I got him (hence the title of this post).

What did I get him, you ask?

1. A ZOMBIE COMIC BOOK (sorry, graphic novel).

Boyfriend likes the Walking Dead.  And obviously, zombies. So when I learned that the Walking Dead started as a comic book, I knew I had to get it for Boyfriend. (Actually, I read it on one the blogs I follow. But I can’t remember which one it was to give someone a shout out. DAMNIT!)

2. A Zombie Video Game!!!

 Awhile ago, Boyfriend mentioned he wanted to get himself a video game to play in the winter (you know, while I’m doing jigsaw puzzles, like the lame ass intellectual I am). And also, have I mentioned he’s into zombies? So, I got him a zombie video game! It actually required a bit of research because I don’t know shit about video games. It was between this one or one that had a glitch in it where sometimes it would lose the game in the middle. I know if Boyfriend played a game that did that he’d have an anger stroke  and that wouldn’t be fun for anyone.

I actually may be experiencing SLIGHT gift giver’s remorse on this one, though. The last guy I dated before Boyfriend played Halo waaaaaay too much and would get lost in the game for hours, so Boyfriend and I refer to him not so fondly as “Halo boy.” I’m not saying I’m having nam-like flashbacks exactly, but this happened on Friday:

10:30am me: ughhhhhhhh [I was home. Cut me a break]

1:30 pm Boyfriend: Killing zombies

I called him and made him talk to me for a few minutes cuz it was the only time I was getting alone time all weekend. Thanks, smothering italian family.  Then:

3:30 Me: Just destroyed two dozen cookies. Clearly I’m responsible for ruining Christmas 

4:18 [I sent a pic of cookies] Mehh.

6:00 I’m tired and making ugly cookies wahhhhhh!!!! [I was decorating sugar cookies at this point. And they were all ugly. Ick]

6:30 Are you still killing zombies?!?!?! 

Rawr. I didn't hear from him til the next day. [And I have to add that I told Boyfriend I was going to put this in a blog post because it was kind of funny and he got a little offended and said he is MUCH better than Halo Boy. Which he is, in every single way. But still, it's funny and it happened and I'm leaving it in.]

3. A mug!

Not just any mug, you guys. A specially designed mug by yours truly. I know it’s a little corny, but I wanted it to say something that wasn’t filthy or too Boyfriend specific.


Allie is probably his favorite drawing of mine. Besides the slut one which I probably should have gotten printed and framed for him to hang in his office but oh well there’s always next year. I remembered he didn’t have real coasters on the nightstand of his seaside house, so I designed these for him! But he’s too sweet, and made me keep one. Now we each have our own Allie coaster. Yeah, we’re adorable. It’s okay to say it.

So I wasn’t exactly keeping score, but that’s gotta be worth a bunch of girlfriend points, right?



  1. ha you have quite the patience with video games...lol...i did play for a little bit yesterday but...zombies are the best...hope you did have a merry christmas!

  2. Zombies are amazing, I have an Umbrella Corp tattoo on my left wrist from Resident Evil :) never did get in to Left 4 Dead myself

  3. Every once in a while I get this HUGE urge to kill zombies!

    So... your drawings are labeled Allie. Your profile is under Gia. I'm guessing your real name is Carol! Has to be, you're the best Christmas Carol! bwahahahahaha! I crack myself up!

  4. Well done. You get super extra double girlfriend points for being thoughtful and fun, right?

  5. You are a super girlfriend!! However, if you would have gotten the Zombie slippers you would have won an award or something for the best Christmas present giver EVER. Lucky Ally over at Keeping' It Trashy!

  6. More importantly.....what did he get you?


    Sorry to yell, but I'm a big fan of the series. :-(

  8. Excellent gifts! And I, too, hate decorating sugar cookies. They always turn out ugly.

  9. Being a huge Zombie fan those are some baller ass zombie gifts. And you really can't fault yourself on the zombie slippers, you didn't even know they existed.

  10. You definitely get much girlfriend points for this. Well done.

  11. i love the mug and coasters !
    :) especially the coasters.

  12. The only zombies I want to like are my hump-happy neighbors. Does it count that they look the part?

  13. If Boyfriend is addicted to zombies, it might be worth having him check out the blog http://www.zombieseverywhere.org/

    It's pretty good for laughs and giggles.

    Also, I here-by dub you 20,000 Girlfriend points for being willing to buy Boyfriend both comics and games!

  14. Left 4 Dead is an awesome game. So go you! I'm way behind on my gaming.

    Also, how the hell do I get an Allie coaster?!?! MUST HAVE!!!

  15. +1 internets for buying The Walking Dead

  16. You got the best zombie game out there. Game of the Year a couple of years ago. Great girlfriend!