Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Boyfriend's Business Trip Part II

Boyfriend went on a business trip. Part I is here. Background is here. Oh, and disclaimer: there’s some vulgar language in this post. It’s how we roll.

Now, where were we?

Wednesday Texting 
Me: How is your breakfast today 
Boyfriend: Fine. Apparently I’m in a motivational plenary. Holyjesusfuckingshit.  [Boyfriend really didn’t enjoy the conference] 
Me: Whaaaat? Are they telling you to be the best you can be? 
Boyfriend: No 

Later that evening 
Boyfriend: Hmmm sluts in hotel bar! 
Me: No! What!! NOOOOO 
Boyfriend: Can’t I just try. Would be good for my self esteem 
ME: NO!!!!!
Seriously, fuck everyone
Boyfriend: Sluts gone 
Me: Yaaay 
Boyfriend: Booo 
Me: They were prob voodoo zombie sluts 
Boyfriend: Prob 

15 minutes later 
Boyfriend: Holy crap 
Me: ??? 
Boyfriend: Super slut at the restaurant 
Me: NO!!!! Stay awaaaay! Is she with someone? 
Boyfriend: Remember I have no game 
Me: Yes you doooo 
Boyfriend: Nope 
Me: How’s your food [clearly trying to distract him] 
Boyfriend: Salad just came 
She’s a teacher 
Me: What??? 
Boyfriend: Heard her talking to the bartender. Small place. 
Me: You are too close! Too close!! 

This is how it probably looked like:

This is what I imagined:
Clicky to make bigger.

Boyfriend: Across the room for duck sake. She has no apparent daddy issues. [Autocorrected again] 
Me: Good. To both those things. 
Boyfriend: Great wine and steak 
She’s leaving 
Me: Woo!! 
Boyfriend: Sad 
No good 
I’m old. I should be trying lots of strange pussy. Pussy pussy pussy 
Me: What?? No!!! 
You should be happy with your good young pussy! 
Boyfriend: CRAZY young pussy 
Me: the best kind 
Boyfriend: glurf 

And then Boyfriend went back to his hotel room and we facetimed and I think he’s feeling old lately because he made jokes about how when he dies, I could blog about him dying for like “a whole week.” (“Best decomposing boyfriend ever!”) This obviously made me super sad because that’s not cool to think about because he’s totally not that old and seriously I will start to cry if we keep talking about this.

ANYWAYS, we also discussed how he thinks I’m a jinx when he golfs because if I text him while he’s playing, his game goes to shit. I think he’s crazy, but I also wanted to pump up him self esteem a bit (Lord knows its not fun when mine is low), so I made him this:

clicky to read

Luckily, Boyfriend came back in one piece on Thursday, and he and I had a fantastic date on Friday. 

Although, if you DON’T want your boyfriend to talk in a southern accent all night long (when it’s not evolving into his elderly man impersonation or his George Bush impersonation), maybe don’t watch The Help together. Just a suggestion.


  1. I wonder how much it would cost to get a trophy engraved with all that. Would it be worth it for a hilarious joke?
    See, he came home zombie voodoo slut disease free. Despite his intentions to make you jealous because it's funny, he gets super extra double bonus boyfriend points for fidelity.
    And I know it sucks to think about because it's sad, but a "Best decomposing boyfriend ever" post would be hilarious.

  2. Boyfriend can't be that much older than you are. He doesn't have gray hair. Gray hair is awesome by the way. And then it gets in their facial hair and they get all grizzled and silvery on the weekend like mature male models in GQ ads for viagra.


    Wait. What were we talking about again?

  3. i would be mad about him texting about the chicks! i wouldn't wanna know that and just blissfully think he was thinking of me the whole time ;)

  4. Those sluts sure do have a lot of cleavage! Glad he's back where he belongs.

  5. That trophy is hilarious, you two must be quite the couple.

  6. Glad he made it home safe Gia. And disease-free to boot! ;)

  7. Cool blog looks like you put a lot of effort into these definitely following !

  8. Just to be safe I think next time you should put a male chastity belt on him ;-)

  9. Isn't it too early to know whether or not he's actually disease free?


  10. Haha I love your back-and-forth texts, insightful to say the least.

  11. I'm glad he made it home safe and slut free. He obviously loves his crazy girlfriend.

  12. Your relationship is awesome!!!! I would be so pissed if my [nonexistent] boyfriend talks about him looking at sluts!! :)

  13. Next time pack your bags too along with him to all business trips.

  14. Haha. This post made me Facetime with an old, older boyfriend. He's good now with a new girlfriend around his age. He's only old cuz he's older than my mom :p

  15. The best part about this post is that, in the picture of boyfriend surrounded by sluts, he is gazing directly at the chest of the slut in the red dress.

    That picture is spot on.

  16. In one sense, I'm sad that boyfriend made it home without being savaged by voodoo zombie sluts. That would have been such a hysterical blog, you talking about how he "tried to fight them off". Personally, though I have travelled on work quite a bit, I've never run into a slut, let alone a voodoo zombie slut, to say nothing of the plural. A best I got a kind of slutty waitress hoping for a big tip.

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