Thursday, November 3, 2011

Relationship Scale

In Boyfriend's office:

Purple Love

He's very very nonreligious, but he has a Buddha in his office. Allie befriended him, so I got them matching bows, because I thought they'd like that. 

Clearly, I was right.

See, they have a nontraditional relationship, just like me and Boyfriend. He thinks we’re a gross couple, but I’m convinced as adorable as Allie and Buddha. We’re both very reasonable people, so we tried to find a middle ground:

Me: We’re not as bad as Hitler
Boyfriend: or Pompeii
Me: “Grape flavored” kool aid
Boyfriend: The Johnstown flood
Me: Hangnails. [I jumped too soon. I know]
Boyfriend: HANGNAILS?? Hangnails aren’t that bad. We’re waay worse than hangnails
Me: Ok, splinters.
Boyfriend: Splinters?
Me: Splinters can get infected.
Boyfriend: Yeah maybe a really bad splinter. That had some kind of chemical on it and caused an infection and gangrene…
Me: Ok. Splinters.

So there you have it. We’re worse than hangnails, but not as bad as splinters. Here’s a scale for comparison:
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  1. It's good to be in the middle. It's the polar outliers you've got to keep an eye on...

  2. That was so cute it was gross, and thus, you move down the scale past splinters.
    I have to figure out a way to incorporate Allie into a pickle drawing.

  3. i demand that volcanoes be put higher ont he scale. without volcanoes, we have no rocks. without rocks, we don;t have mountains or something, or buildings. anyway, i think we need rocks

  4. Yes, the middle is good. There's no way for me to shift the scale towards good, because nothing is better than Starlight.

    Allie loves pickles! She's constantly trying to get into my jar of claussens. She's a whore.

    Volcanoes was my lazy way of putting "pompeii," so don't think of it as rocks. Think of it as the death of thousands of people by hot lava. Or the minor air traffic inconvenience due to mount hrfiweuhrwiufhll in 2010. You know, whatever's closer to your heart.

  5. One, your MS paint skills are serious.

    Two, I also prefer cat's without std's..

  6. it's always good to know where you stand, which in this case is between Hitler and a Unicorn....

    I am very curious as to why you chose purple bows though?

  7. Remember: you can't tell whether or not a kitty has an std by looking at it. Be careful what you pet (a new meaning to Love Glove, perhaps)

    Also, I chose purple because its so...majestic. And also what I found at the tiny bow store. They have teal, too.

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