Thursday, November 10, 2011


After yesterday’s post about pulses and how they freak me out, I didn’t want Boyfriend to get any ideas. Remember, if you try to find my pulse, I will poke your eye out. And I’m good at eye-poking. See:

In case you’re wondering, this photo is 100% true. I didn’t actually poke Boyfriend a black eye, but he did mysteriously knock his eye into my headboard (sexciddent, remember?). These things happen.

Stay away from my pulses. That is all.


  1. Poor Boyfriend..... Poor Poor Boyfriend.......

  2. Yeah, that's the cover-story you tell, but that looks like the result of too much boxed-wine and him glancing at the fanny of another.
    It looks like makeup. You gave him inadvertent eye-shadow. I do have a much-too-personal question, but I'll refrain.

  3. What do you tell a boyfriend with two black eyes? Nothing. You already told him twice already.

  4. Ask it Pickleope! I will very politely ignore if its too personal.

  5. Man I know you read this gotta get out with your eyesight while you still can.

    Sorry Mayor but...a man's eyesight is at stake.