Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Slightly Better Introduction

This is a picture of my boyfriend:

(artist’s rendering)

He’s actually the one who encouraged me to start this blog.  I think he thinks it would be healthier for me to share my neuroticism with the world (or to be more realistic, nobody except my macbook and the imaginary cat I one day wish to own – I’ll read these posts aloud to her) than to keep a running commentary of it in my head. He also maybe thinks I can be a little bit funny. As someone who has a front row seat to my “hilarious” wildly-spinning-out-of-control crazy sessions, his opinion carries a tiny bit of weight with me. So I figured what the hell, I’ll try blogging.

Besides, it’s cheaper than therapy. Therapy I don’t actually need, that is. Boyfriend would disagree, but who cares what he thinks? (Damnit, we just established that I do. CURSES!) I just think it’s a coincidence that I have some daddy issues and my boyfriend happens to be more than twice my age.  My parents don’t know about him, because, well, yeah. Who wants to tell your parents that you’re being violated by a guy old enough to be their classmates’ little brother? Not this girl. BTW, they’re super Catholic and old fashioned, so by “violated” and I actually mean “cuddled,” of course. 

Anyway, yes, blogging is cheap. Cheap is good. I work for a nonprofit and maybe approximately 60 cents a day, so I’m a big fan of not spending money. I also have big dreams of moving out of the two-bedroom apartment I’m currently renting with a roommate into my own tiny one bedroom place when my lease is up in the spring.  Roomie is cool enough, but I’m an introvert, and I kinda sorta love the idea of being alone, if I can afford it. I’m really trying to buckle down on my spending before then, so I’m renaming this time my Fall of Frugality. I’m only buying things I really need, like groceries, gas, and wine. Cheap wine, that is. I’d like to pretend that I have sophisticated tastes and I’m limiting myself by only buying wine <$10/bottle, but who am I trying to kid. Sutter Home is like liquid gold to me. 

On that note, I believe it’s wine o’clock, and I’m going to try not to blog tipsy (for the first few months, at least).


  1. Welcome to the world of spitting into the void that is blogging! You had me at 'reading the posts aloud to the imaginary cat you one day hope to own'. I for one request you blog the next time you're all loaded up on Boone's Farm.

  2. Thanks for the welcome! Well, I guess I should do a few dry (wet?) runs of drunk writing, then..

  3. Welcome to the whimsical internets!

  4. Hi Gia, I finally had a moment to pop over here to see your version of the therapy intro - nicely done! I have a for real cat you can read to if you want. She doesn't sit still very well unless she's asleep though so don't expect any feedback. :)

  5. I married a dude once who was nearly twice my age. My dad cringed when I told him. My mom was jealous (she wanted him for herself). Now I have notsofond memories of my ex Jack-Nickolson-lookalike-not-the-young-and-cute-jack-but-the-old-ickky-one. But I understand the attraction. Kinda. Enough to have married into it. But I'm sure the Boyfriend is much better than what my older dude was.

    Sorry. ;)

  6. Welcome to blogging, Gia! Looks like you're taking CrazyTown by storm. Looking forward to more neurotic adventures!

  7. Randomly searching blogs, I was lucky enough to find this one. After reading a few entries, I have to say, this is awesome. I'm glad you decided to blog because it's a pleasure to read what you write.

    And that's all I have to say right now. I never know how to end these things...

  8. I too am crazy and like cheap wine. (Reuniti Lambrusco is yummy and cheap!) I also enjoy drawing crappy cartoons for my blog. And by crappy, I mean AWESOME.